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special events photography has always had a fulfilling part of my life and in my marriage MO. As a kid  you could search myself holding a thirty-five mm massive camera in my hands taking photos of my childhood and flowers, and the fantastic locales composing the smallish seaport city in the north Carolina Bay where my mother and I went to grade school. The thing my dad taught me blossomed to a dedicated money making hobby which I gave up everything else for, studying journal pictures, paintings and design photography in the university.  Soon after, I instigated assimilating a busy marketing life plan where enigmatic influences and character building energies had already began to flower and become visible all around my wedding photo work. Now and forever I will always be a continually referenced and nominated Seattle Based Wedding affordable Photographer and am employed all the USA as well as all of Portland. I am also a sought out Washington state real estate Photographer. Tell your friends to share my beloved website to find out some more to share with outhers: Seattle Wedding Photographer
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