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Wedding photography has always taken a unique facet in my wife's life. As a young person  you could search me carrying a thirty five mm Kodak camera in my posession taking headshots of my best friends and a few weddings, and the one of a kind scenes within the tiny seaport locale off the Maryland oceanside where I matured. This thing my cousin taught me grew quickly to a fine expertise which I gave up everything else for, perusing editorial portraiture and design photography in the second half of young adulthood.  After, I began putting together a demanding photography life plan in which beautiful notions and life enhancing influences had already started to take root and show throughout my outdoor jobs. For the foreseeable future I will always be a continually referenced and award winning Seattle Wedding popular photographer and can be found in all Seattle as well as all of North Carolina. I am also a full time Seattle WA business Photographer. Please share my site in order to find out more about my business: DC Wedding Photographer
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