Are you looking for a temporary, simple, secure and reliable email service?

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По умолчанию Are you looking for a temporary, simple, secure and reliable email service?

Are you looking for a temporary, simple, secure and reliable email service?

Temp Mail
https://www.tempmail.us.com/ is made for you. Our website will allow you to easily receive emails while remaining completely anonymous. No registration is necessary, the attribution of an email will be triggered automatically as soon as we open our home page. Did you find our website using one of the following keywords on google: temp mail, mail temp, throwaway email, 10 minutes mail? If so, you have come to the right place.

I will go around the question of temporary emails.
If you already have a general idea, I invite you to go to the second section " Anonymity and security ".

What is a temporary email service?
These are disposable emails, an email address will be created for a specified period to allow you to receive emails from any third party. The emails are displayed directly on the web and do not require any software. Each email generated is unique and may only be visible to you.

As far as we are concerned : The email address is associated with you for a period of 365 days but be careful if you change your browser your email will be modified! (If you want to change your email, just delete your cookies).

Our temporary email service is available in several languages.
French - Spanish - English - Arabic - Bengali - Bulgarian - Catalan - Chinese - Croatian - Czech - Danish - Dutch - Estonian - Finnish - German - Greek - Gujarati - Hindi - Hungarian - Indonesian - Italian - Japanese - Kannada - Korean - Latvian - Lithuanian - Malay - Malayalam - Marathi - Norwegian - Polish - Portuguese - Punjabi - Romanian - Russian - Serbian - Slovak - Slovenian - Swedish - Telugu - Tamil - Turkish - Ukrainian - Urdu - Vietnamese

But why use a temporary email service?
Easy to use : whether you are on your mobile or on your desktop or in space with Elon musk you can read your emails directly on our web page: https://www.tempmail.us.com/
Fast & Free: According to google page speed we are at 0.4 seconds for the speed of creation of our emails and our service will always remain free.
Protect your professional & personal email: Some emails can embarrass you, it's best to differentiate your everyday email account versus a disposable email address.
Receive SMS codes / Receive registration links: Some sites may send you text messages or clickable web links to activate their functionality, temporary email is perfect for this type of use.
To simply receive emails ...
But Jimmy why use tempmail.us.com versus one of your competitors?
Reliability: I don't know the reliability of other temporary email services but I can tell you that here we have the technician who takes care of keeping the service active 24 hours a day.
Fast : We are the fastest, test from anywhere in the world our website displays faster.
Your language : Whether you speak English, Chinese, Japanese or Arabic - our service is available in your language.

Anonymity and Security: Here's the cream on the Sundae.
Anonyme and secure Temp mail
To put it simply, each email is linked to a cookie which is inserted in your browser in order to identify you. So the only information that concerns you is a cookie, you can delete this with any cookie cleaner.

Jimmy what about my IP address?
We have no interest in saving your IP address. This is deleted after you log in to cloudflare. Our system uses a database named "mail", here is an image of our table.Temp mail database

Server schemaHere is a diagram of our infrastructure to better understand our temporary email service.
At the top left is you, you are happy to have found a completely free and secure temporary email service. When you are going to write the address in your browser: https://www.tempmail.us.com, your IP address will be recorded by cloudflare which is actually a free DNS management service that we use. You will be redirected automatically to our cache system that we invented. This primarily speeds up the website significantly, for your security we have assigned chmod 000 to the / var / log folder, which effectively deactivates the IPS address logging feature. Step number 3, your IP address is no longer visible, the https protocol is used at all times. You are therefore quite anonymous. In order to consolidate your protection, we use AbeloHost, it is a web host regulated by the “speech of freedom”, located in the Netherlands. Destination number 4 is the main installation of our mail / apache server, it is the one that generates the site as well as the email accounts. To identify you, it sends a "cookie" to your browser. This is what explains how our infrastructure works as well as our various protections to protect your identity.

All that security, but what about a complaint?
Firstly, we have designed this website to offer a legal temporary email service, please respect the laws in force in your country. Although our infrastructure has been designed to allow you to remain anonymous, if any police force contacts us with a warrant in good shape and form, we will be happy to give them instant access to all of our infrastructure, which is the basis of data etc.

But rest assured, the cookie is the only information we hold about you.

7 websites offering a temp mail service that caught our attention
Here are different websites with their specificities that offer a temporary mail service.

tempmail US
1. https://www.tempmail.us.com/
Registration in one minute, free and easy to use.
Accessible anywhere in the world, functional on all types of web browser.
Connect directly to your temporary mail with any mail reader (Outlook, Firebird) or use one of our two webmail (Roundcube, Horde) for free.
Need a temporary email quickly without the hassle?
Do you need an exceptional level of confidentiality?
We are the new kid on this list, we do not have thousands of options yet, but we offer you a solid, simple, fast and efficient service.
You can read your emails in real time on our website and you can convert your temporary email to permanent email for free with just one click.

Our temporary email service is available in several languages

temp mail
us temp mail
usa temp mail
tempmail us
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Tempmail us | Temporary email address with free webmail
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